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This site has a few perl scripts to monitor and run Antivirus (CLAMAV / VEXIRA / RAV) on typical Unix platforms. The tools here have been tested on several *nix platforms : Sun Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, Mac OS X running many different mailserver qmail, sendmail, CGate Pro.

1. SCAN LOG ANALYZER; Demo at here ; Download at here

Scan analyzer allows you to plot and view graphical representation of log data from virus logs of RAV ( / CLAMAV ( / VEXIRA ( . The old format of log files at /var/log/maillog using SYSLOG or new any log location can be used transparently. The date schema may not be as accurate in the new schema as yet. New version can download data into an excel (tab delimited) spreadsheet and just used simple html graph by a rouine called &bargraph(X,Y,T,L,Cc,Tl) -- if you are interested. The graphics can also be for more than 4 cycles (log aging) if you decide to keep the data that long.

The older version produced GIF or PNG images of the graph and can be used to export to external reports, but required CPAN's GD library . Because of copyright problems of using GIF compression using gd.c and files, PNG is recommended format if you decide to use this. These files are also available for Older Version DEMO is here download here.

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* Content-type.*multi
* ? (clamdscan --quiet - ; if [ "$?" == "1" ]; then exit 0; else exit 1; fi; )
/var/spool/quarantine/$LOGNAME.`date | sed -e 's/[[:space:]]/-/g'`
No quarantine procmail script
* Content-type.*multi
* ? (clamdscan --quiet - ; if [ "$?" == "1" ]; then exit 0; else exit 1; fi; )
This ensures that if clamdscan fails for ANY reason that files dont get lost but get delivered as usual.
Make sure that ScanMail and ScanArchive options are enabled for clamav daemon. Ofcourse make sure CLAMD is running first of all..

3. QUARANTINE MANAGER; Download at here

If you decide to quarantine the virus files or suspicious files, you NEED to know how to manage it. This script run in the cron every week manages your quarantine and also avoids using up file space for dead files. The quarantine is desgined to hold 4 WEEKS of data


These scripts are perl and shell based and are FREE !! No copyright is involved, please dont remove any credits that may be mentoined there. These scripts were developed by Vijay Sarvepalli ; who is available for questions on implementation and consulting for further development if desired.



Vijay Sarvepalli


Others involved in developing the project with language and graphics tools will also be mentoined in the download software.





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