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Completed enhanced features Jan 10 2004 Look at Screen Shots
  • Folders for storing mail
  • Personal Addressbook and calendar
Latest Pandaemail v 2.1 is here New features date July 30th 2002
  • Support for MSG/RFC822 enclosed messages
  • Bugs related sending messages from localhost solved
  • Bugs related to long mailserver names stored in "crypt" format error solved
  • Bugs related to qmail CRLF problems solved.
  • Outlook Type bar added for easy buttons
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Why another Webmail?
Panda Webmail: If you think of HTML messages and the different web formats in which messages arrive on your PC. If your resident e-mail client like Netscape/Outlook can interpret it and make it look nice. I think webmail should be able to do the same. My webmail program attempts meet all the RFC's and try to read the e-mail and present it as it should be presented. Try to avoid message looking garbled and confusing. I have completed rfc/822 message included support as of May 8 2002 ;; Try it out it shoudl work better now.
Where can I get it ?
Sample at website Download at Download Directory

What are the Features Higlights
I wrote Pandaemail to add additional features to current webmail systems..
  • a) Deletion of multiple messages and Deleting whole Mailbox if you are stuck or clogged
  • b) Reading of HTML messages (except for embedded images) even if it base64 encoded
  • c) Writing of HTML messages if you use IE 5.0 or better browser: This is a big plus for our roaming users - they likeit very much
  • d) Mostly HTML and a minimum javascript to avoid browser confusion; work well on IE/NS/Opera and even Lynx browser except for print/forward message function for which I use Javascript a little.
  • e) View Headers only Option: A big plus for visitors coming from slow connection to delete large messages that block thier mailboxes
  • f) Ability to send attachments that can be Size limited I have set a 200 KB limit at sample site, default is 1 MB.
  • g) Crypted password savings avoid multiple travel of passwords and also shell access people cannot read password
  • h) Session hijack protection by IP-verification of the login person - could be trouble if you are behind load balanced proxy servers - can be disabled if you find complaints from your clients. If people like to develop on this or have additional input that can help me make this project better please let me know.

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